1. Spain, may 2016, watch the videos with the results

2. Central Italy, 3rd - 14th October 2016, results - videos with the results

3. Malta, December 2016 - videos with the results

4. Turkey 11th March - 26th March 2018 (16 days) - trailer of the video series with the results

5. Bulgaria 30th March - 9th April 2018 (11days) - trailer of the video series with the results

6. Central Italy, Etruria region - 15th to 26 November 2018

7. 22nd Dec 2018 to 6th Jan 2019 - Jordan





included in the prices (valid for all expeditions)

- all day visit/exploration of numerous sites

- all hotels (the price above is for double occupancy room) 3 to 4 star standard, all breakfasts

- all entrance fees for the historic sites, activities (if any), local guides (if any)

- return airport transfer

- all local transport in a car/van, international flights are NOT included




22nd march to 3rd April 2019 - central Italy, Etruria region (best of what we saw in the previous Italy expeditions plus new sites) - 13 days, 1500 euro (single supplement euro 200), start/end point - Rome (discount price avilable for a mushroom expert)

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1st to 15th November - Western and Central Turkey - 15 days, 14 nights, 1600 euro (single supplement euro 200)

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3rd Dec 2019 to 17th Jan 2020 - Sri Lanka - 15 days (14 nights), 1950 euro (single supplement euro 300)

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- for those who have submitted many sites to the directory on this website (and more than 30 have been approved)

- for couples or groups (arriving/departing with the same flights), at least 80 euro (40 per person)

- for young people below 23 with low income/expense (please mention that you are interested in such a discount in your application mentioning what is your income / expense situation per month and how much could you afford to pay for the expedition)



Please note that if you intend to publish any footage taken during the expeditions or to take a video camera long that will have additional surcharges. Taking pictures or videos for personal use is free.


usually all new earth expeditions take place in the colder season of October to April




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