1. Spain, may 2016, watch the videos with the results

2. Central Italy, 3rd - 14th October 2016, results - videos with the results

3. Malta, December 2016 - videos with the results

4. Turkey 11th March - 26th March 2018 (16 days, 15 nights, starts and ends in Ankara, the capital city)

5. Bulgaria 30th March - 9th April 2018 (11days, 10 nights, starts and ends in Sofia, the capital), description


other future expeditions (the expeditions take place only during the colder part of the year Oct - Apr, as soon as future dates are decided upon they will be immediately published here, if there is no information on this page it means nothing is confirmed yet)


possibly in 2018


Turkey Revisited

Jordan / Petra / Lebanon and Israel


ideas for the future

Spain and France



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