Is your information related to a given historic site? Please submit it to the online directory on this website by using the submission form. Any emails suggesting or commenting a given historic site will not be forwarded to Sylvie Ivanova - the ONLY place to send information is the online direcotry, absoltely no emails please!

If you want to suggest a resource that is NOT about a historic site, please contiue reding below.

Please do not send "flat earth", Thunderbolts Project (electric universe) or aliens info - it will be deleted before it even reaches the mailbox of Sylvie.

Alien artifacts as such could be submitted to the directory, however stories about aliens will not be published (although most of them are legitimate, still majority of the human race has not grown up yet to appreciate them so ).

"Flat earth" and Thunderbolts Project messages will never be forwarded to Sylvie as these fields have been heavily infested with trolls. Not that she is not interested in these topics, but just because trolls have made sane conversation about them impossible.

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