Unfortunately this option was heavily misused in the past and is now no longer active.

I sincerely apologize for being unable to read mail which is not covered by the options listed in the previous page, but what used to happen when this option still functioned was the people simply used to send me requests to review resources which they considered extremely important (but were unwilling to submit them in the format I accept). And since such requests were so numerous and required more than 24 hours per day to review them I could not properly do what the senders expected. As a result number of people felt offended personally and even turned angry and negative towards the topics of my videos (just because they heard it from me and at that point they started perceiving me as an evil rude person who does not care about people's feelings that that is why does not respond / read their emails). I do not want to offend anybody and since it is simply impossible to do all the emailing people want me to and that is why here, once again, I clearly inform everybody that I will respectfully treat and carefully review all mail sent to me sent in the format outlined in the contact options, however I am absolutely unable to monitor or read any other messages sent on youtube/ facebook or anywhere else or any long message sent by any means. Please do not feel offended, I LOVE YOU, but most of my days have 24 hours, just like your days.




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