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Kalkheiadyssen , Norway, Northern Europe

The Seida / Dolmen of Kalkheia is a beautiful granite seida placed on the top of Kalkheia (translated: Limestone hill). It is composed of four stones (one is broken in two, probably when there was military activity in the area). The top stone is weighing approximately 5-6 tons. The top stone is pointing north-south (ca 5 degrees off), while the carrying stones are placed in east, west and south. The site has a great view and has been previously used as a lime quarry. The geology of the hill also has a rich quantity of pure quartz crystal. There are megalithic walls nearby (with some granite stones weighing over a ton each) that may be connected. The link is to an norwegian hobby-geologist who has written about this particular dolmen being man made. There has not been done any research on it except for him. The mainstream opinion is that the glaciers did it, but with an trained eye and skills in probability mathematics you can easily rule out the glaciers.

Local Name: Kalkheia, Jegersberg, Kristiansand
Variation Name(s): The Dolmen of Kalkheia
Address: Kalkheia, Kristiansand
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