Category: Tower

Chullpa Towers, Peru
Solovetsky Monastery, Russia
7 meters thick megalithic walls, did they build it for defence against spears?
Tibetan Towers, China
The Nuraghes of Sardinia, Italy
some 10 000 massive edifices of unknown use and origin
Megaliths of Menorca, Spain
The full island is decorated with numerous megalithic remains in poor condition!
Perperikon, Bulgaria
From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower
Tarragona Aqueduct, Spain
Gila Cliff Dwellings, United States
Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, United States
Qutub Minar, India
73-meter (240 feet) tall, intricate carvings
Tor Watchtower, Croatia
Ergaki "Nature" Rserve, Russia


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