Category: Megalithic

Fonelas Megaliths, Spain
L'Alcúdia , Spain
there seems to be an older megalithic base below the the primitive work on the top and the primitive "restoration"
Cueva del Moro, Spain
just one of the hundreds (thousands?) absolutely massive dolmen like structures found all over Spain...
Peña Guerra, Spain
near Logrono
Cosa, Italy
the interesting part are the megalithic ruins on which the medieval looking building was placed
Sarmisegetusa, Romania
Holdvilág-árok, Hungary
Gunung Padang, Indonesia
Roche aux Fées, France
massive dolmen
Armawirblur, Armenia
Zvartnots "Cathedral", Armenia
Goshavank, Armenia
Stonehenge , United Kingdom
Brú na Bóinne, Ireland
The bridge of ten thousand ages, China
Zaikowo Stone Spheres,
Aphrodite's Sanctuary, Cyprus
Elephantine Island, Egypt
Surak-Kyulyum, Russia
natural or not?
Ingapirca, Ecuador
Vilcabamba, Peru
Göbekli Tepe, Turkey
Nan Madol, Micronesia
Lake Shartash Traces of Megalithic Ruins, Russia
L’Autel du Diable à Diekirch, Luxembourg
Husn Suleiman Baitokaike, Syria
Bagdar, Greenland
The16 Pyramids of Argolis, Greece
Cairn de Gavrinis, France
Lixus, Morocco
Nartiang Monoliths, India
Hurvat Tefen, Israel
Great Yazilikaya, Turkey
Kokino, Macedonia
Hachiman-yama Kofun, Japan
Maes Howe, United Kingdom
Megalithic Ruins With no Name Yet, Russia
Mamulos Pantiani, Georgia
Mordele, Croatia
Yakushima megaliths, Japan
Stećci monuments, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Medun fortress, Montenegro
Tor Watchtower, Croatia
Old Saltworks of Pag, Croatia
Batu Ritong, Malaysia
European dolmen in Malasia!
Atlit-Yam, Israel
Megaliths 12 meters below sea level
"Pancake" wall, Russia
Renaju Menhirs and Megaliths, France
Casas e Pedras Monsanto, Portugal


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