Category: Megalithic

Magadan Megaliths, Russia
Madagascar Dolmens, Madagascar
Asia/Europe style dolmen along with other more recent "survivors" traces
Polynesian Marae, French Polynesia
Ceremonial platforms and huge megalithic stones
The trilithon of Ha’amonga, Tonga
Rocks Near Fort Walsh, Canada
natural or not?
Megalith of Mount Pidan, Russia
area covered with unusual megalithic blocks
Elles Megaliths, Tunisia
Stone lines at Konouv, Czech Republic
Stone Grid
the Tunjo Ancient Stones, Colombia
the Black Mountain Kalkajaka, Australia
the Temple of Barbar, Bahrain
Foret Fontainebleau Boulders, France
Fafe Stone Houses, Portugal
Stanton Drew Circles and Cove, United Kingdom
Versailles, France
Ishi no Hoden, Japan


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