Category: Dwarfs

Enormous Network of Underground Cities, Turkey
countless exposed ruins of what was once was a network of underground cities connected with kilometres long tunnels and capable of housing millions for permanent living
Race of Dwarf Miners of Ural, Russia
Dropa, China
Dwarfs and Disks
Makhunik, Iraq
the houses are suitable only for dwarfs, too small for us
Bocairent, Spain
town built on the ruins of layers of old rock cut city, dwarf tunnels, interesting rock cut road, so much history all in one place!
Hobbits on Flores, Indonesia
Felsenmeer im Odenwald, Germany
tunnels (without public access) have been according legends dwelling place of dwarfs
Pedro Mountain Mummy, United States
mummy of the Little People
Dwarfs of Palau, Micronesia
Menehune Ditch on the Island of Kaua’i, United States
Dwarfie Stane, United Kingdom
Royal Pavilion, United Kingdom
why the beds are for dwarfs in the a former royal residence?


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