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Fort Ovech, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and Russia

  medieval fort built on much older ruins, the full region has numerous very old rock cut ruins that deserve proper systematic study, but are denied such because people naively believe they are part of medieval forts, christian monasteries, simply "playful creation of Mother Nature", a "mystery" or any other excuse...

Some images hints towards the possibility of giant size megalithic blocks as well, typical for the elf castles, the full region needs to be studied without any prejudice. Please explore the links below for more similar sites in the area. The site is remarkable because we have vehicle tracks coming out of the elf castle and the full area is covered with rock cut ruins, so once again it proves the relation between them. Добра информация за българските манастири като цяло може да се получи от книгата „Фотоалбум на православни храмове, скални църкви, манастири и стенописи от България” на Светлозар Стоянов. Местата там са снимани, има и GPS координати и общо взето, върши добра работа като източник на инспирация за пътувания.

Local Name: Крепост Овеч
This site belongs to the following categories: Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers
Ancient Vehicle Tracks, Cart Ruts
"Elf" Castle (not necessarily related to elfs as such, but exactly as in the fairy tales these are complexes of rock edifices on the tops of hills with fantastic views)
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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Аладжа манастир се намира на 17 километра от Варна

Чудните скали – Провадия, скалния манастир в местността Шашкъните

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