Category: Polygonal Stone Masonry

Koh Ker, Cambodia
Loryma, Turkey
Oiniadai, Greece
Vila Real, Portugal
Dongdaemun Design Plaza, South Korea
so, they did polygonal stonework in Korea as well!
Iraq al-Amir, Jordan
Baalbek style megalithic palace
Nekromanteion, Greece
Vellore Fort, India
the polygonal stone masonry is the most interesting feature of the fort
Teishebaini , Armenia
attributed to 7th century BC Kingdom of Ararat (or Urartu in Assyrian) and overall looks do seem to correspond to that period, but what about the scattered basalt stones with high tech stone finishing?
The Corinth Canal, Greece
supposedly modern construction, but still hints are there that there was something before that... something...
The Bent Pyramid, Egypt
The Pyramid of Sahure, Egypt
Abu Gurab, Egypt
Pyramids and Basalt Platform at Saqqara, Egypt
high quality work at the base of the pyramids and primitive piled stone on the top, the basalt platform is a building masterpiece (for our standards)
Portes de l'Atlantide, France
Advanced Ancient Toolmarks, Greece
Sisiyan, Armenia
ruins with rather larges stone chunks, some images suggest elf castle style
Garigal National Park, Australia
possibly ruins of a megalithic complex
Abu Simbel, Egypt
Baños del Inca, Ecuador
don't be misled by the name, looking at the erosion any relation to the incas as such would be unlikely
Chusovoye Megalithic Wall, Russia
Mysterious Polygonal Stone Work at Sverdlovskaya District
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Devil's wall, Macedonia
Thurmfort Gorazda, Crna Gora, Montenegro
Mont St. Odile, France
Megaliths in Bondowoso regency, Indonesia
Megaliths of Nardodipace, Italy
yet another forgotten megalithic ruin, probably cyclopean style
Ahu Vinapu Easter Island Megalithic Platforms, Chile
Castro de Ulaca, Spain
Asuka Stones, Japan
Ishibutai Kofun, Japan
Unidentified Unstudied Ruins and Possibly Pyramids, France
Sofiyivsky Park Boulders, Ukraine
Shaori, Georgia
Demolished (by whom and by what means???) megalithic ruins
Viborg Bay Monrepo Megaliths, Russia
Megaliths of Menorca, Spain
The full island is decorated with numerous megalithic remains in poor condition!
Varvaria, Croatia
Megalithic wall
Asseria, Croatia
Gornaya Shoria, Russia
Lion City (Shi Cheng) of Qingdao Lake, China
lake Shira and Lake Itkul Megalithic ruins, Russia
Although the megalithic remains are in very poor shape, they can be clearly identified as such at places.
Vottovara Megalithic Stones and Stone Sphere, Russia
Meroë Pyramids, Sudan
Perperikon, Bulgaria
From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower
Inga's Stone, Brazil
Trujillo temple of the sun and temple of the moon, Peru
Nim Li Punit, Belize
Portara at Naxos, Greece and Rendlesham Forest site, Greece
Ziggurat of Birs Nimrud, Iraq
Huaca Pucllana, Peru


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