Category: Polygonal Stone Masonry

Vilcabamba, Peru
Gloucester Cathedral, United Kingdom
Phi Mai, Thailand
Phanom Rung, Thailand
Husn Suleiman Baitokaike, Syria
Daugavpils Star Fort , Latvia
The16 Pyramids of Argolis, Greece
Lixus, Morocco
Rockwall, Texas, United States
Hurvat Tefen, Israel
Great Yazilikaya, Turkey
Kokino, Macedonia
Hachiman-yama Kofun, Japan
Kiamichi "old furnace", United States
Possible megalithic wall
Maes Howe, United Kingdom
Megalithic Ruins With no Name Yet, Russia
Yakushima megaliths, Japan
Medun fortress, Montenegro
Tor Watchtower, Croatia
Old Saltworks of Pag, Croatia
"Pancake" wall, Russia
Renaju Menhirs and Megaliths, France
Casas e Pedras Monsanto, Portugal
Karlu Karlu, Australia
Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve
Ergaki "Nature" Rserve, Russia
Magadan Megaliths, Russia
Rocks Near Fort Walsh, Canada
natural or not?
Megalith of Mount Pidan, Russia
area covered with unusual megalithic blocks
the Tunjo Ancient Stones, Colombia
the Black Mountain Kalkajaka, Australia
the Temple of Barbar, Bahrain
Foret Fontainebleau Boulders, France


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