Category: Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

Cala Morell "Necropoli", Spain
Bocksteingrube, Switzerland
the marker location is very approximate
Solomon's Pools, Israel
Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali
Corbii de Piatra Monastery Site, Romania
Gila Cliff Dwellings, United States
Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, United States
Vallone Canalotto, Italy
The Guilá Naquitz Cave Near Yagul Archaeological Ruins, Mexico
could be an old rock cut chamber
Jericho, Israel
Blaca Desert, Croatia
most likely remains of the countless rock cut cities in the region
Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia
Tomb of Benei Hezir & Tomb of Zechariah, Israel
illustrates the transit between rock cut and built stuff
Caves of Karaftu, Iran
Abba Yohani Monastery near Tembein, Ethiopia
Debre Damo, Ethiopia
Adadi Mariam Church, Ethiopia
Scicli, Italy
Turnu Monastery Cells, Romania
Kh. Jibeit , Israel
the stone masonry is in such a bad condition that it looks more like a pile of stones rather than ruins, but the lower layer of rock cut stuff is more interesting with its vehicle tracks and the curious round holes on the stone (what are they?)
Bisericile rupestre din Munții Buzăului, Romania
Saint John “al-sheer” church at Amioun, Lebanon
as usual the interesting stuff is below the church...
Chatby "Necropolis", Egypt
Vardzia cave city, Georgia
Mátraverebély "Hermit's" Caves, Hungary
Daras, Turkey
Tel Dor, Israel
Seleukia ad Piera, Turkey
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Cueva de los Moros, Spain
Cuevas de Pinedo, Spain
Cuevas de Laño, Spain
The Tzarakar Monastery, Turkey
Iglesia rupestre de Santa María de Valverde, Spain
Ermite de S. Miguel, Spain
Iglesia Rupestre de Arroyuelos, Spain
Hermit's Dwellings in Tihany, Hungary
Cserépváralja, Hungary
Agarak, Armenia
Forteresse de Buoux, France
yet another fortress built on the top of much older rock cut ruins
Pirin Ruins, Turkey
Grotta di Nettuno, Italy
Parco Orsini, Italy
Matera, Italy
Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu, Italy
Ani, Armenia
Monastirya, Bulgaria
Apostle Islands Caves, United States
natural or not?
Sirok Fortress, Hungary
Grotte di Polignano, Italy


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