Category: Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

Bisericile rupestre din Munții Buzăului, Romania
Saint John “al-sheer” church at Amioun, Lebanon
as usual the interesting stuff is below the church...
Chatby "Necropolis", Egypt
Vardzia cave city, Georgia
Mátraverebély "Hermit's" Caves, Hungary
Daras, Turkey
Tel Dor, Israel
Seleukia ad Piera, Turkey
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Cueva de los Moros, Spain
Cuevas de Pinedo, Spain
Cuevas de Laño, Spain
The Tzarakar Monastery, Turkey
Iglesia rupestre de Santa María de Valverde, Spain
Ermite de S. Miguel, Spain
Iglesia Rupestre de Arroyuelos, Spain
Hermit's Dwellings in Tihany, Hungary
Cserépváralja, Hungary
Agarak, Armenia
Forteresse de Buoux, France
yet another fortress built on the top of much older rock cut ruins
Pirin Ruins, Turkey
Grotta di Nettuno, Italy
Parco Orsini, Italy
Matera, Italy
Necropolis of Su Crucifissu Mannu, Italy
Ani, Armenia
Monastirya, Bulgaria
Apostle Islands Caves, United States
natural or not?
Sirok Fortress, Hungary
Grotte di Polignano, Italy
Didymoteicho Rock Cut Ruins, Greece
Lambousa Rock Cut Ruins, Cyprus
Grottes de Lamourous, France
Migdal Malcha, Israel
vehicle tracks on a stone cut road and stone cut complex or quarry
Berbique, Spain
Cuevas de Calasio (Telde), Spain
Znojm Underground, Czech Republic
Gilmerton Cove, United Kingdom
Gunung Kawi , Indonesia
are the older parts part of the Derinkuyu style network of cities? hard to say. the statues could be more recent addition
La Roque Saint Christophe Rock Shelter, France
Jonas Caves, France
Sikiyaz Tamak, Russia
43 caves
Arkai, Italy
Nécropole de Pantalica, Italy
Elyros, Greece
resembles the style of the amazing Egil castle
Dhi Sarif, Yemen
Peña Buraca, Spain
Oschiri, Italy
Las «farmacias de los moros», Spain
Ausejo, Spain


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