Category: Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

Dhi Sarif, Yemen
Peña Buraca, Spain
Oschiri, Italy
Las «farmacias de los moros», Spain
Ausejo, Spain
Nalda, Los Palomares, Spain
Arnedo, Spain
the entire region is full of exposed ruins of underground chambers
Cova de les Finestres, Spain
Eremitorio de San Vicente, Spain
Dwarfie Stane, United Kingdom
Cuevas de Perales de Tajuña, Spain
The Nochevo Ruins, Bulgaria
very ancient traces of ruins scattered over a large area, some elements suggest the style of the underground cities network, but it could be an elf castle too, or both at different times
Vanis Kvabebi, Georgia
Ma'lula caves, Syria
Anchor Church, United Kingdom
Chilzina, Afghanistan
Ventotene Island, Italy
Shakpak Ata, Kazakhstan
Gondrani caves, Pakistan
Uplistsikhe, Georgia
"Beehive" Stones , Hungary
Underground Chambers, Spain
Tsankawi Cave Dwellings, United States
Yet another unstudied American Cappadocia?
Bandelier National Monument, United States
Is this an American Cappadocia?
The Otuzco Windows, Peru
Guyaju Stone Town, China
Eremitorios de Castejón, Spain


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