Category: Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

Burg Nister, Germany
could these be gigantic megalithic ruins?
Ushi, Armenia
basalt building blocks with machine cut marks, the quackademics discarded them as garbage during the restoration of the local church
Garigal National Park, Australia
possibly ruins of a megalithic complex
Belintash, Bulgaria
barely recognisable ruins of an "elf castle"
Magical forest of Huelgoat, France
The Krasnoyarsk Pyramid,
perfectly shaped pyramidal structure still awaits permission for research
Baños del Inca, Ecuador
don't be misled by the name, looking at the erosion any relation to the incas as such would be unlikely
Devil's wall, Macedonia
Felsenmeer im Odenwald, Germany
tunnels (without public access) have been according legends dwelling place of dwarfs
Mont St. Odile, France
Cavustepe, Turkey
most interesting are the polished stones, very hard variety of rock
Megaliths in Bondowoso regency, Indonesia
Megaliths of Nardodipace, Italy
yet another forgotten megalithic ruin, probably cyclopean style
Dwarka, India
The capital of Lord Krishna
Tribes of Giants of the Amazon Jungle, Brazil
Castro de Ulaca, Spain
Giant Skeleton, Bulgaria
The Stone Head of Guatemala, Guatemala
if it wasn't for this photo, it would be considered a myth
Eski-Kermen and other underground cities of Crimea, Russia
Unidentified Unstudied Ruins and Possibly Pyramids, France
Sofiyivsky Park Boulders, Ukraine
Shaori, Georgia
Demolished (by whom and by what means???) megalithic ruins
Viborg Bay Monrepo Megaliths, Russia
Megaliths of Menorca, Spain
The full island is decorated with numerous megalithic remains in poor condition!
Varvaria, Croatia
Megalithic wall
Asseria, Croatia
Gornaya Shoria, Russia
lake Shira and Lake Itkul Megalithic ruins, Russia
Although the megalithic remains are in very poor shape, they can be clearly identified as such at places.
Vottovara Megalithic Stones and Stone Sphere, Russia
Indonesian Statues, Indonesia
Megaliths and Aliens of the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Inga's Stone, Brazil
Szczeliniec Wielki, Poland
possible ruins of megaliths
Ma’rib, Yemen
Blaca Desert, Croatia
most likely remains of the countless rock cut cities in the region
Abuna Yemata Guh, Ethiopia
Tomb of Benei Hezir & Tomb of Zechariah, Israel
illustrates the transit between rock cut and built stuff
Jiaohe, China
Caves of Karaftu, Iran
Abba Yohani Monastery near Tembein, Ethiopia
Debre Damo, Ethiopia
Adadi Mariam Church, Ethiopia
Pofadder Vitrified Stones, South Africa
The Rustic Temple, United Kingdom
Sicilian Monolith, Italy
Raon-lès-Leau Tracks, France
Lato, Greece
Kh. Jibeit , Israel
the stone masonry is in such a bad condition that it looks more like a pile of stones rather than ruins, but the lower layer of rock cut stuff is more interesting with its vehicle tracks and the curious round holes on the stone (what are they?)
Deir Qal'a, Israel
Efes, Turkey


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