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Saksaywaman, Peru, South America

  what kind of force could have rolled over boulders the size of a room?

The site seems to have suffered a terrible explosion. Not only the created (called a pond) showed signs of this when tested but also the position of scattered boulders (see second video). The site seems to have been cast out of geopolymer. So say the test results on the stones, the overall looks of the ruins and the imprint of the mould used (see first video). Few spots show hints that once this stone was soft.

Variation Name(s): Sacsayhuamán, Sacsayhuaman, Sacsahuaman, Saxahuaman, Saksaywaman, Saqsaywaman, Sasawaman, Saksawaman, Sacsahuayman, Sasaywaman or Saksaq Waman
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Advanced Technology Toolmarks
Polygonal Stone Masonry
Softened Stone
Star Fort
Crater that could be a Non-natural Formation
Wars of the Gods

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