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Stone lines at Konouv, Czech Republic, Eastern Europe and Russia

  Stone Grid

One of the numerous stone grids (built for unknown to us purpose) scattered all over Europe. 14 parallel stone lines . The lines are composed from more than 2800 silica/quartz stones, which are of natural shape. The lines has almost exact North-South orientation and the distance between lines vary from 11 to 18 meters. The stones are not localy found since the bedrock is marl. Today's position of the lines is not genuine because during 80's the lines were damaged by forest industry - logging. There are some other stone lines laying in the vicinity of Konouv, e.g. Nečemické řady (4 km from Kounovské kamenné řady), or the stone lines above the village Kluček (15 km from Kounovské řady). The better looking and bigger stones gradually disappeared as they found their way in the construction materials of the local houses.

Local Name: Kamenné řady Kounov, Kounovské kamenné řady
Address: nearby the city Kounov, Natural Park Džbán (Přírodní park Džbán)
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic

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