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Brighton Beach Megalithic Stones, United States, North America

  megalithic remains

Dressed surfaces and drill holes show that these huge stones were part of a building once upon a time. There are also numerous carvings on the stones along with claims that those were creation of modern beach artists. But such claims seem a bit questionable due to erosion and the fact that many of these carvings a partially buried. This site needs detailed study, for example, are there carvings on stones with no access (for beach artists), are the deep buried stones with carvings. In case the carvings belonged to the original building that could give hints. Across the beach road there is public park where clues are visible of older (possibly ancient) work on the stones. According to some reports the piles of stone go on for miles and miles! One of the stones (see video) consists of 2 layers of distinctly different materials and that could point to the use of geopolymer casting that is why it is also in the "softened stone" technique category.

Address: right there in the New York Beach
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Softened Stone
Underwater (partially or completely)
Wars of the Gods
Carving, Inscription
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