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Tatul, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and Russia

  extremely ancient site, Peruvian style niches are only left now from what used to be a complex that was at least the size of a town

The full area (at least the size of a town) is a very heavily eroded complex of buildings. Niches and other vague signs of stone work are only left to give us a clue that once there was a vast complex. The polygonal stone work walls seem to belong to historic restoration or modification works. It is hard to say (due to the extent to which the full thing fell apart), but originally it could have belonged to the elf castles category. Just by comprehending how much of the buildings is gone missing altogether one starts getting an idea how much time has passed by... Entire large boulders even seem to have gone missing, so probably many thousands of years at least have elapsed. Extremely ancient site.

This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Polygonal Stone Masonry
"Elf" Castle (not necessarily related to elfs as such, but exactly as in the fairy tales these are complexes of rock edifices on the tops of hills with fantastic views)

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A. Koltypin, the best research on Tatul so far... and many more photos!

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