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Wassu Stone Circles, Gambia
Elphinstone Reef "sarcophagus", Egypt
Sidon, Lebanon
Tracks and Rock cut Ruins at Adloun, Lebanon
Al Maghazil in Amrit, Syria
The Batroun Rock Cut Wall, Lebanon
Frisland, United Kingdom
yet another proof that the face of the earth is changing much faster than most people belive
Sammallahdenmäki, Finland
Tessallated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, Australia
Cahokia, United States
Bull Creek Tracks, United States
Cave di Cusa, Italy
Starbucks Island Tracks, Kiribati
Monastery of Putna, Romania
Sayhuite, Peru
Chatby "Necropolis", Egypt
Vardzia cave city, Georgia
Kabardino-Balkaria Elongated Skulls, Russia
Mount Olympus Quarry Tool Marks, Greece
the marks on this historic quarry run parallel and also turn at corners and definitely do not look like hand work
Great Wall of India, India
unlike the Great Wall of China (which is mostly being built nowadays as tourist attraction), this is an actual historic site
Swiss Pyramid, Switzerland
Barskimming Rock Cut Tunnels, Caves and Track, United Kingdom
Mátraverebély "Hermit's" Caves, Hungary
Rock Cut Ancient Road Near Dingy-Saint-Clair, France
Poverty Point, United States
six semi-elliptical earthen ridges with an outer diameter of 1.14 km
The Upton Stone Chamber, United States
Dighton Rock, United States
Rogem Zafir, Israel
Daras, Turkey
Nebi Samuel, Israel
particularly interesting is the enormous rock cut platform, supposedly dug out by the Crusaders, SANTA MARIA! THOSE KNIGHT MUST HAVE HAD TONS OF SPARE TIME, SOME 486 HOURS PER DAY!
Tel Dor, Israel
Winnemucca Lake, Nevada, United States
Geoglyphs of Amazonia, Brazil
hundreds of them!
Tel Ayalon, Israel
Luzit Caves, Israel
Sodom and Gomorrah Likely Location, Israel
the almost pure sulphur balls found at the location make it a perfect candidate for Sodom and Gomorrah
Seleukia ad Piera, Turkey
Haron (Cehennem Kayıkçısı), Turkey
Roman Road at Blackstone Edge, United Kingdom
Temple Mount, Israel
the large megalithic blocks at the base clearly belong to an older layer of construction
Tell Halaf, Syria
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Qin Huang Ancient Road, Hebei, China
Tracks Near Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Arizona Superstition Mountain Wilderness, United States
very interesting! all tracks in America are automatically labeled as wagon ruts (wagons passed over it again and again), but here we have tracks that seem to have been left in the soft mud and even what seems to be a single tracks...so this site really needs to be examined closely.
White Cliffs Trail, United States
what about the imprints on the side at regular intervals? are they the same os those on the ancient european roads? what left them? and are the cavities on the side of the road rock cut ruins (which happen to go hand in hand with the european roads with strange quadratic marks at regular intervals)?
Wood Haul Wagon Road, United States
Bishop, California Tracks, United States
Chisholm Trail, United States
Castle Montfort, Israel
ordinary castle ruins built on an older megalithic base
The Kayseri Tracks, Turkey


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