I have already received hundreds of email with improvements suggestions. Most of them are good and reasonable suggestions however NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE is not something that I did not think of before getting the message. Making the improvements depends on resources or time or other factors that only video producers are aware of. That is why if you wish that your wish is read and received please make a donation which will cover that endeavours or resources needed to make the improvement. For example many people write with the wise advise to make double copies of all media and video production files not loose data during computer failures, however they do not send funds to buy the expensive hard disks needed for that and they still wonder why the stupid me had not yet done it!
And since people do not care about what i wrote above and care only to write to me (regardless my constant pleads that voluminous messages with the same duplicate content are a burden to me), now i add another section on this page with a submission link where people can submit the requests, however please be aware that they may not be monitored for months or years.







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