I do love to meet new interesting people! I really do! However ONLY OFFLINE and unfortunately I have to decline all offers for online friendship/chats/sharing/social-media contacts in advance.

Local contacts in my area (Europe) could be interesting for me! In case you live in the German speaking regions or plan visiting Europe and you run interesting projects you could let me know. I would be interested in people who are involved in projects related to
- sacred plants
- on site research of ruins related to my historic videos
- EMF-free life
- living in the wild
- spiritual communities or centers
- art venues or festivals
- cats/dogs shelters
You are most welcomed to drop me an email at localonly(emailsign)megaliths.org and please include your exact location in Europe in your email to ensure that it will be indeed forwarded to me. Any social media messages/chats/facebook are not monitored.