Remote Viewing, Dowsing, Lucid dreams & Channeling (but under blind conditions ONLY):


If you are not used to working under blind conditions (means given a code of the target only and not knowing what is it exactly to avoid contaminating the data with preconceived ideas about the site, person or even that is being viewed) then unfortunately the NewEarth project is not the right place to contact.


We are actively seeking individuals who practice or learn the art of remote viewing, from beginners to seasoned professionals, channelers and those who can access the so-called Akashic records who have an interest in participating in experiments aiming at recovering history using such tools; ideally we would like to have few dozens of participants viewing a given target under blind conditions . If 20 out of 50 people see a similar story under blind conditions then this story must have some truth to it. We could view multiple targets every month if we could find a team of remote views, the final results of which would be shared for free. Ideally information obtained through such projects could eventually lead to possible archaeological surveys and digs at hitherto unknown sites around the globe.

Your test target is


Please send the results to in any format. Please also specify in a word or 2 what kind of technique you have used in case it was different from remote viewing. Thank you for participating.

In case you have described the target correctly you will receive a reply from Sylvie.





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