Category: Star Fort

Saksaywaman, Peru
what kind of force could have rolled over boulders the size of a room?
Chittorgarh fort, India
quite impresive, - huge complex, amazing fine art...
Mausoleum of Tamerlane, Uzbekistan
Alba Iulia Apulum, Romania
Fort Bourtange, Netherlands
El Morro castle, Cuba
Fort Caroline, United States
Fort San Marco, United States
Fort San Pedro, Philippines
Fort Santiago, Philippines
Tilbury Fort, United Kingdom
Duncannon Fort, Ireland
Birr Castle, Ireland
James Fort, Ireland
Charles Fort, Ireland
Fort Camden, Ireland
Carlisle Fort, Ireland
Fort Westmoreland, Ireland
The Kremlin, Russia
Festung Rothenberg, Germany
Wülzburg, Germany
Brasov Fort, Romania
Oradea Fort, Romania
Timisoara Fort, Romania
Făgăraș Fortress, Romania
Zolochiv Castle, Ukraine
Nesvizh Castle, Belarus
Chernelytsya Castle, Ukraine
Piaskowa Skala Castle, Poland
Wiśnicz Castle, Poland
Rzeszow Castle, Poland
Zamosc, Poland
Lancut Castle, Poland
City of Danzig Star Fort, Poland
Sárvár Castle, Hungary
Fuerte San Miguel, Uruguay
Batticcaloa fort, Sri Lanka
Jaffna Fort, Sri Lanka
Kuressaare Star Fort, Estonia
The Eger Starfort (with extensive tunnel network), Hungary
Fortress of Arad, Romania
Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia
San Juan de Ulúa, Mexico
Numerous Medieval Starforts, Hungary
Szigetvár Fortress, Hungary
Komárom Fortresses, Hungary
Pamplona Star Fort, Spain
Friedrickshamn Star fort, Finland
Daugavgrivas Star Fort, Latvia
Daugavpils Star Fort , Latvia


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