Category: Dolmen

San Agustin Archaeological Park, Colombia
Over 4000 Dolmens, France
and how many thousands have been lost if over 4000 are still there?
Thousands of Dolmens, Spain
few thousands are listed as found in a condition in which they can be recognised as dolmens, and how many thousands were ploughed in the fields or fell apart? the numbers are remarcable and many of them are of serius megalithic proportions
Gochang, Hwasun and Ganghwa Dolmen Sites, South Korea
Carthage, Tunisia
Hire Benakal and gnome/dwarf/Naga/Moryar aliens, India
Numerous Dolmens, Bulgaria
Countless Dolmens..., Russia
they are scattered in great numbers all over and nobody knows who or when built them...
The Dolmens of Portugal, Portugal
the network of countless dolmens from neighbouring Spain continues here... and all over Europe, Asia and beyond, apparently a single culture built them because they are of the same design all over the world
Cueva del Moro, Spain
just one of the hundreds (thousands?) absolutely massive dolmen like structures found all over Spain...
Roche aux Fées, France
massive dolmen
Nartiang Monoliths, India
Kalkheiadyssen , Norway
Batu Ritong, Malaysia
European dolmen in Malasia!
Neyagawa , Japan
What a cute dolmen!
Madagascar Dolmens, Madagascar
Asia/Europe style dolmen along with other more recent "survivors" traces
Elles Megaliths, Tunisia


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