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Perperikon, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe and Russia

  From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower

This site has been used by number of cultures, if not number of civilisations...The lowest layer is a typical for the region Elf Castle style polygonal megalithic work, heavily eroded, barely distinguishable, but still distinguishable. Then we see rectangular spaces like those of Norsun Tepe and the Arkaim's "Country of the Town" (Strana Gorodov). On the top a megalithic polygonal stone work typical for the period of antiquity. And then a medieval tower and fountain with pagan feel to it... This is the best example of a site very rich in history.

Local Name: Bulgarian: Перперикон , Greek: Περπερικον
Variation Name(s): Perpericon
Address: Eastern Rhodopes, 15 km northeast of the present-day town of Kardzhali, Bulgaria, on a 470 m high rocky hill
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Polygonal Stone Masonry
Ancient Vehicle Tracks, Cart Ruts
"Elf" Castle (not necessarily related to elfs as such, but exactly as in the fairy tales these are complexes of rock edifices on the tops of hills with fantastic views)
Cup Marks

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когда-то было мегалитической кладкой

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