Category: Elongated Skull

Newborn Baby Elongated Skull Of Paracas, Peru
presented by Brien Foerster
Giant Bones, Georgia
estimated at 2.50 to 3 meters tall (about 9 to 10 feet) and is said to have a skull about three times the normal size
Peruvian Skulls, Peru
some are red-haired and some of them have traces of sophisticated surgical operations even
Elongated Skulls on Islands Covered with Megaliths and Vehicle Tracks, Malta
massive geopolymer blocks!
The Kislovodka Skulls, Russia
The Omsk Skulls, Russia
the museum administration says it would be wiser not to show them to the public...
Skull of Altenering, Dossenheim, Tuchersfeld and Württembergisches, Germany
Obernai Bas-Rhin (67), France
Kabardino-Balkaria Elongated Skulls, Russia
Olmec, Maya and Aztec Elongated Skulls at The Anthropology Museum, Mexico
Tutankhamun's Mummy with Elongated Skull, Egypt
Ankara Museum Skulls, Turkey
Skull discovered at Lake Superior Copper Mines, Wisconsin, United States
Skull from Lamar County Texas, United States
Skull at Hungarian National History Museum, Hungary
The Stavropol Skull, Russia
The Pyatigorsk Skulls, Russia
Patagonia Skull, Argentina
Skulls of Iquique, Chile
Skull of Oßmannstedt, Germany
Skull of the Zagros Mountains, Iraq
Skulls of Kunsthistorisches Museum, Globasnitz and Schiltern, Austria
Skulls of South Sonora, Merida and The Woman of Tlailotlacan, Mexico
Skulls of Alsace, Burgundia and Pontoise, France
Arkaim, Russia
Tasmania Skull, Australia


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