Category: Ancient Vehicle Tracks, Cart Ruts

Tryst Falls, United States
Starbucks Island Tracks, Kiribati
Massive Field Covered with Ancient Trackways, Turkey
40 х 25 км, all covered with vehicle tracks! and few possible giant footrpints
The Titus Tunnel, Turkey
supposedly built in the Roman periods, but probably not at all because its style belongs to a completely different older periods (plus there are ruins in that old style in the vicinity)
Phrygian Valley Tracks, Turkey
antire fields covered by petrified curious vehicle tracks left in the once soft mud, plus strange imprints besides them, not a single human footprint...
Xcaret Park Cancun, Mexico
eco-archaeological park built at the spot of "interesting underwater rivers", the "rivers" themselves are not different from the rock-cut roads/channels found all over Eurasia
Tracks Near Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, Arizona Superstition Mountain Wilderness, United States
very interesting! all tracks in America are automatically labeled as wagon ruts (wagons passed over it again and again), but here we have tracks that seem to have been left in the soft mud and even what seems to be a single this site really needs to be examined closely.
White Cliffs Trail, United States
what about the imprints on the side at regular intervals? are they the same os those on the ancient european roads? what left them? and are the cavities on the side of the road rock cut ruins (which happen to go hand in hand with the european roads with strange quadratic marks at regular intervals)?
Bomarzo Mostri Park, Italy
interesting medieval statues built on the ruins of much older rock cut something, vehicle tracks from the older periods... show a bit amidst the modern cement path cover...
El Fuerte de Samaipata, Bolivia
what is this anyway?
Bocairent, Spain
town built on the ruins of layers of old rock cut city, dwarf tunnels, interesting rock cut road, so much history all in one place!
Elongated Skulls on Islands Covered with Megaliths and Vehicle Tracks, Malta
massive geopolymer blocks!
The Naveta Oriental de Biniac L’Argentina, Spain
Tracks and Tunnels near Bidar, India
stretching for over 100 kilometres
Naveta des Tudons, Menorca, Spain
Saladin Castle, Syria
possibly built on much older impressive rock-cut ruins, now labelled as a moat, the very deep rock cut (kind of a) road makes me doubt that the "moat" is just a part of the older structure
Tracks and Rock cut Ruins at Adloun, Lebanon
Bull Creek Tracks, United States
Roman Road at Blackstone Edge, United Kingdom
The Kayseri Tracks, Turkey
interesting imprint that could be footprint of a giant
Fort Ovech, Bulgaria
medieval fort built on much older ruins, the full region has numerous very old rock cut ruins that deserve proper systematic study, but are denied such because people naively believe they are part of medieval forts, christian monasteries, simply "playful creation of Mother Nature", a "mystery" or any other excuse...
Pompeii Tracks, Italy
Azores Tracks, Portugal
The Oregon Trail, United States
knee deep at places...
Vehicle Tracks (commonly known called cart ruts for unknown reason), Malta
again they seem to have been left in the soft mud, and again going off cliffs and underwater... they seem to be vehicle tracks
Langen Stein at Langenstein, Germany
so the rock cut complexes spread all the way to Germany even!
Diolkos, Greece
Parc archéologique de Syracuse, Italy
Calès, Lamanon, France
with recently discovered vehicle tracks!
Tiermes, Spain
the remarkable thing here are the relatively well preserved design elements of the very ancient eroded town or city, the megalithic work is of course much more recent than the original rock cut ruins
Trophée de Pompée, Col de Panissars, Spain
ancient vehicle tracks (plus some hints of possible elf castle), destroyed megaliths, covered with medieval primitive stone work
Belintash, Bulgaria
barely recognisable ruins of an "elf castle"
Eski-Kermen and other underground cities of Crimea, Russia
Perperikon, Bulgaria
From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower
Raon-lès-Leau Tracks, France
Kh. Jibeit , Israel
the stone masonry is in such a bad condition that it looks more like a pile of stones rather than ruins, but the lower layer of rock cut stuff is more interesting with its vehicle tracks and the curious round holes on the stone (what are they?)
Barskimming Rock Cut Tunnels, Caves and Track, United Kingdom
Rock Cut Ancient Road Near Dingy-Saint-Clair, France
Rogem Zafir, Israel
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Qin Huang Ancient Road, Hebei, China
Wood Haul Wagon Road, United States
Bishop, California Tracks, United States
Chisholm Trail, United States
Cala Millor Tracks, Spain
Loraine Tracks, France
Kniebis (Freudenstadt, Black Forest) Tracks, Germany
Albstadt (Swabia) Tracks, Germany
Tracks at Cádiz, Spain
Altamura, Italy


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