Category: "Elf" Castle (not necessarily related to elfs as such, but exactly as in the fairy tales these are complexes of rock edifices on the tops of hills with fantastic views)

Pismis Kale and Akpara Kale, Turkey
Chittorgarh fort, India
quite impresive, - huge complex, amazing fine art...
Castell d'Olèrdola, Spain
number of cultures have used the site...
Tatul, Bulgaria
extremely ancient site, Peruvian style niches are only left now from what used to be a complex that was at least the size of a town
Hattusa, Turkey
Hrad Frýdštejn , Czech Republic
built on older rock cut ruins
Dome of the Rock, Israel
an Islamic shrine located on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem
Smar jbeil castle, Lebanon
built on older rock cut base, the newer top part is not as special
Tel Ayalon, Israel
Fort Ovech, Bulgaria
medieval fort built on much older ruins, the full region has numerous very old rock cut ruins that deserve proper systematic study, but are denied such because people naively believe they are part of medieval forts, christian monasteries, simply "playful creation of Mother Nature", a "mystery" or any other excuse...
Regenstein, Germany
Castello di Sperlinga, Italy
the rock cut older ruins below the medieval stuff is much more interesting...
Angel Voivoda, Bulgaria
newly discovered complex, although many cultures left their traces here possibly the oldest could be a typical elf castle, still unclear if some of the boulders are actually megalithic blocks
Ruine Grasburg, Switzerland
Trophée de Pompée, Col de Panissars, Spain
ancient vehicle tracks (plus some hints of possible elf castle), destroyed megaliths, covered with medieval primitive stone work
Oppidum St Jean de Vernègues, France
possible elf castle, needs to be explored
Sisiyan, Armenia
ruins with rather larges stone chunks, some images suggest elf castle style
Belintash, Bulgaria
barely recognisable ruins of an "elf castle"
Cavustepe, Turkey
most interesting are the polished stones, very hard variety of rock
Castro de Ulaca, Spain
Perperikon, Bulgaria
From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower
Portara at Naxos, Greece and Rendlesham Forest site, Greece
Ziggurat of Birs Nimrud, Iraq
Huaca Pucllana, Peru
Carthage, Tunisia
Trowulan, Indonesia
The Kremlin, Russia
Zaghouan water temple and the Sidi Medien aqueduct, Tunisia
Tarragona Aqueduct, Spain
Gila Cliff Dwellings, United States
Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, United States
Alanya Castle, Turkey
the antique and Roman style ruins are built on a much older rock cut basis
Burg Lichtenfels (Ottenstein), Austria
minor traces of older rock cut basis on which the mediaeval fort was built
City of Midas / Yazılıkaya, Turkey
Monte Sant'Angelo, Italy
Tracks of Alessano, Italy
Poggio Rota, Italy
Toppo Travesio Castle, Italy
cutting on eroded surfaces suggest and the castle could have been on much older ruins of the "elf style"
Lambousa Rock Cut Ruins, Cyprus
Migdal Malcha, Israel
vehicle tracks on a stone cut road and stone cut complex or quarry
Hаrman Kaya, Bulgaria
Ruine Windhaag, Austria
built on a probably older rock cut base, but it is hard to say of that is older part is of "elf style" because it has tool-marks which are not typical for the elf style
Sura, Turkey
probably built on the ruins of an elf castle
Kandyba, Turkey
possibly the primitive settlement was built on the ruins of an elf castle, spot of interest for research
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Spain
possible elf castle ruins
Castelo dos Mouros, Portugal
the medieval looking castle is built on the ruins of probably an elf castle or eroded underground complex
Hurvat Tefen, Israel
Great Yazilikaya, Turkey
Kokino, Macedonia
Versailles, France


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