Category: Cup Marks

Pismis Kale and Akpara Kale, Turkey
Bulls and Vast Melthalitic Ruins around Ávila, Spain
a vast area with meltaliths showing here and there with traces that once there were stone structures all over the region, are the bulls related to it? are they the only art of the meltalith builders we know of?
Pucará del Uritorco, Argentina
The Uncharted Alatri Ruins, Italy
absolutely enormous stone blocks along with very fine polygonal fitting
Arakulski Shihan,
Amazing Cyclopean Wall
Belintash, Bulgaria
barely recognisable ruins of an "elf castle"
Bektau Ata, Kazakhstan
the melting the granite does not seem to have happened naturally
Castro de Ulaca, Spain
Unidentified Unstudied Ruins and Possibly Pyramids, France
Gornaya Shoria, Russia
lake Shira and Lake Itkul Megalithic ruins, Russia
Although the megalithic remains are in very poor shape, they can be clearly identified as such at places.
Perperikon, Bulgaria
From an Elf Castle to a Medieval Tower
Inga's Stone, Brazil
The Kremlin, Russia
Ingapirca, Ecuador
Lake Shartash Traces of Megalithic Ruins, Russia
Las Piedrotas , Mexico
"Beehive" Stones , Hungary
Hurvat Tefen, Israel
Chortovoe Gorodishe, Russia
This site puts a big question mark next to many other similar "natural" formations
Renaju Menhirs and Megaliths, France
Magadan Megaliths, Russia
Rocks Near Fort Walsh, Canada
natural or not?
Elles Megaliths, Tunisia
the Tunjo Ancient Stones, Colombia


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