Category: Interesting Natural Formation

Paleo Burrows of South America, Brazil
possibly hundreds of kilometers of weird tunnels, it seems they were dug out by extinct animals
Aqueduct of Loukou, Greece
certainly an unusually looking one! was it made of mud bricks that melted and started flowing down or?
Giant Sinkhole , Guatemala
Giant Sinkholes, Russia
Devil’s Corkscrews, United States
made by animals, it seems
Tessallated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, Australia
Marcahuasi, Peru
curiously shaped boulders, some suggest they could be very ancient statues
Manpupuner rockformations, Russia
Tizer Dolmen, United States
Giant's Playground, United States
Giant's Causeway, Ireland
natural "polygonal masonry"
Cape Stolbchaty,
natural columnar basalt formations


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