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Casas e Pedras Monsanto, Portugal, Southern Europe

The hypothesis of possible natural origin of the gigantic boulders does not hold much water. We are offered to believe that they erode by forming polygonal stone masonry and jumping on the top of each other. On the other hand the stones look exactly like some other ruins of cyclopean megaliths (listed in the category), which are MOST DEFINITELY of intelligent design. In fee instances hints of pancake technique is seen as well. So the origins of these stone is still pretty much an opened question as of today. The site is listed in the modern creations category as well because of graceful way the modern houses blend with the (possible) historic ruins.

This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Polygonal Stone Masonry
Meltalith (naturally looking stone formations often with elements of intelligent design woven in them)
Structure/Formation that could be Natural or Not
Modern Creation, but still interesting
Pancake Stones
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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