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Chortovoe Gorodishe, Russia, Eastern Europe and Russia

  This site puts a big question mark next to many other similar "natural" formations

At first sight it looks like a (almost perfectly) normal geo formation. But when we see the regularly formed stone blocks at the base of the gigantic wall (one example on the second photo), suspicions arise. And then a good number slabs of absolutely regular and uniform regular shape lay scattered around (third photo). And moreover a similar pancake looking technique has been used in Gornaya Shoria (although the proportions are much bigger over there) and few other megalithic sites that are surely not of natural origins. PLEASE UNDERSTAND WELL, THAT SYLVIE IVANOVA (THE NEWEARTH LADY) MAKES NO CLAIMS THAT ALL SIMILAR LOOKING FORMATIONS ARE OF INTELLIGENT DESIGN, THIS MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE CASE. After all we have countless examples where ancient cultures build in a style that perfectly blends with nature so it is possible that the ancient people were imitation a natural pancake looking stone formations, why not? perfect example of that would be the numerous stone creations in Peru where the man made stone embraces and blends with the natural stones around. Countless cases of strange effects on human physique have been recorded here. Always the same story repeats itself: People walk just few meters away and feel completely lost and get lost, start calling for help, but even the nearby people never hear and the lost person does not hear them.

Local Name: Чёртово городище в Екатеринбурге
Address: на вершине одноименной горы в 6 километрах к юго-западу от поселка Исеть
This site belongs to the following categories: Cup Marks
Area where the Natural Laws Fade Away
Pancake Stones
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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