Category: Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

Taşlı Yol, Turkey
Tracks of Alessano, Italy
Monastirya, Bulgaria
Apostle Islands Caves, United States
natural or not?
Ming spirit way, China
UFO shaped Stone Disks, Russia
it seems that some of them have remains of metal tech parts inside
Alima, Ukraine
Poggio Rota, Italy
Santa Severa, Pyrgi, Italy
the official version is that the "Romans" built on the top of the "Etruscan" megaliths
Toppo Travesio Castle, Italy
cutting on eroded surfaces suggest and the castle could have been on much older ruins of the "elf style"
Sirok Fortress, Hungary
Stradello delle Ripe di Gallina, Italy
Grotte di Polignano, Italy
Sanctuary of Panóias, Portugal
Sevastopol Megalithic Ruins, Ukraine
Massive multi-ton blocks lying at the foundations of ancient buildings, distinct from traditional limestone blocks that were used by the ancient Greeks for building their cities in the Crimea.
Agrigento Tracks, Italy
Didymoteicho Rock Cut Ruins, Greece
Lambousa Rock Cut Ruins, Cyprus
Anta de Adrenunes, Portugal
Keuka Hiking Path, United States
Castle Duino , Italy
Grottes de Lamourous, France
Anse de St. Croix Tracks, France
Migdal Malcha, Israel
vehicle tracks on a stone cut road and stone cut complex or quarry
Vuiteboeuf, Canton Vaud Tracks, Switzerland
The Souza Tracks, Brazil
Berbique, Spain
Cuevas de Calasio (Telde), Spain
Hаrman Kaya, Bulgaria
Externsteine, Germany
the rock cut niche on the first photo is in style of the most ancient dwellers of stone cut mansions
Orlovi Skali, Bulgaria
Gilmerton Cove, United Kingdom
Cave of the Sibyl, Italy
Gunung Kawi , Indonesia
are the older parts part of the Derinkuyu style network of cities? hard to say. the statues could be more recent addition
La Roque Saint Christophe Rock Shelter, France
Jonas Caves, France
Sikiyaz Tamak, Russia
43 caves
To be explored, Uzbekistan
Canals of Médulas, Spain
Arkai, Italy
Nécropole de Pantalica, Italy
Megaliti dell'Argimusco, Italy
Kinnickinnic Possible Megalith, United States
Mount Karatag, Russia
possibly the ruins of a gigantic megalithic complex
Kaman Kalehoyuk, Turkey
Galapagar, Spain
Sura, Turkey
probably built on the ruins of an elf castle
Ancient Axos, Greece
could be built on the basis of older ruins
Kandyba, Turkey
possibly the primitive settlement was built on the ruins of an elf castle, spot of interest for research
Monkodonja, Croatia
slight chance that the ruins are on an eroded basis of an elf castle, research needed


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