Category: Underwater (partially or completely)

Baltic Sea UFO Shaped Stone Disks, Sweden
Castles of E─čil, Turkey
absolutely amazing, the core of the rock carved castle is still standing, a living piece of fairy tale
The Jernokleev Site, Turkey
don't be misled by its medieval looks, this could be possibly the ruins of one of the oldest building preserved
Underwater Complex with Pyramids, Cuba
Bimini Road and Numerous Ruins, Bahamas
European style ports, enormous levelled platforms, ruins
Heracleion, Egypt
underwater town
Kekova, Turkey
so were they diving to build rooms underwater!!! penguin wisdom jewel!
Xcaret Park Cancun, Mexico
eco-archaeological park built at the spot of "interesting underwater rivers", the "rivers" themselves are not different from the rock-cut roads/channels found all over Eurasia
The Enfeh Moat, Lebanon
the full area around seems to be abundant with very old rock cut ruins
Frisland, United Kingdom
yet another proof that the face of the earth is changing much faster than most people belive
Osirion Abidos, Egypt
'The Eye' Rotating Island, Argentina
Bimini Style Platform Ruins, Israel
large megalithic blocks with regular shapes, probably the remains of a platform
The Nuraghes of Sardinia, Italy
some 10 000 massive edifices of unknown use and origin
Stone Spheres , Costa Rica
Yonaguni, Japan
Brighton Beach Megalithic Stones, United States
megalithic remains
Pura Tanah Lot, Indonesia
Shushtar Watermills, Iran
Network of Tunnels Below Montreal, Canada
Zubala Well, Saudi Arabia
Norsun Tepe, Turkey
a bit too high tech for bronze age savages... hastily submerged under a dam
Vehicle Tracks (commonly known called cart ruts for unknown reason), Malta
again they seem to have been left in the soft mud, and again going off cliffs and underwater... they seem to be vehicle tracks
The Corinth Canal, Greece
supposedly modern construction, but still hints are there that there was something before that... something...
Samabaj, Guatemala
Dwarka, India
The capital of Lord Krishna
Lion City (Shi Cheng) of Qingdao Lake, China
Stone spheres, New Zealand
lake Shira and Lake Itkul Megalithic ruins, Russia
Although the megalithic remains are in very poor shape, they can be clearly identified as such at places.
The Sevastopol Beach Carvings, Russia
modern artists work
Huaca Pucllana, Peru
Sicilian Monolith, Italy
Elphinstone Reef "sarcophagus", Egypt
Grotta di Nettuno, Italy
Stradello delle Ripe di Gallina, Italy
Grotte di Polignano, Italy
Lake Titicaca Underwater Ruins, Bolivia
Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Nan Madol, Micronesia
Delavan Lake Giant Burials, United States
Pemuteran Underwater garden, Indonesia
Ventotene Island, Italy
Pheia, Greece
Pavlopetri, Greece
submerged settlement
Port Royal, Jamaica
Giant's Causeway, Ireland
natural "polygonal masonry"
Cape Stolbchaty,
natural columnar basalt formations
Atlit-Yam, Israel
Megaliths 12 meters below sea level
Pura Batu Bolong, Indonesia
Are these ancient ruins?


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