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Hattusa, Turkey, West Asia

The area is extremely rich in history. To start with "elf castle" ruins on the cliffs around. Then Peruvian style megaliths. Those are very similar to the "elf castle" but not that much eroded. And the kind of medieval style things on the top of older big megaliths. The holes... are they drill holes or just the armature came out? Please do check out the links below.

Variation Name(s): Hattushash
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
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Polygonal Stone Masonry
"Elf" Castle (not necessarily related to elfs as such, but exactly as in the fairy tales these are complexes of rock edifices on the tops of hills with fantastic views)
Leveled Platform
Carving, Inscription
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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Столица древнего Хеттского царства Хаттуса-Хаттушаш (Богазкале, Турция)


the elf castle portion

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