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Ancient Quarry remains Krakow city, Poland, Eastern Europe and Russia

In the place of current park, there was an ancient limestone quarry located in ancient times. No records of when this could happen. Quarry was probably in use in medieval times onwards as well. It's abandoned and used as a park since 19th century. On the walls of this quarry there are very many toolmarks of amazing triange shaped drilling technique. They were discovered by Dr Franc Zalewski, geologist and historian. He could not find any explanation of how and by whom these type of drilling could've been made. There's no moder technique enabling for triangle shaped drill holes in stone. Drilling was probably used for quick separation of stone blocks, which were excavated here on enormous scale and transported elswhere.

Local Name: Park im. Wojciecha Bednarskiego w Krakowie
Address: Jana Zamoyskiego, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
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