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Inga's Stone, Brazil, South America

Nearby the city of Ingá, in Sierra Borborema, on the banks of the river Inga (the ancient river Bacamarte) abides a historical wonder. 46 meters of long, 3,8 meter of height, unknown writing... The full area is covered with unusual looking rocks and boulders. The could be remains of gigantic megaliths, after all the great wall of Paraibe is not so far away... and the rocks resemble polygonal structures at many places... and huge cup marks (destruction marks)... as if the full things was destroyed by a hellish "shower" of something ... (see video) The technique used to make the inscriptions is also mysterious, could be connected to stone softening...

Local Name: Itacoatiara do Ingá, Pedra do Ingá, Piatra Inga
Variation Name(s): Inga Stone, Ingas Stone
Address: in the middle of the Ingá River near the small city of Ingá, 96 km from João Pessoa, in Paraíba State in the northeast of Brazil
This site belongs to the following categories: Megalithic
Polygonal Stone Masonry
Softened Stone
Meltalith (naturally looking stone formations often with elements of intelligent design woven in them)
Cup Marks
Wars of the Gods
Carving, Inscription
Spot of Interest for the NewEarth Research

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