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The Otuzco Windows, Peru, South America

The site was carved out of volcanic rock and consists of some 337 chambers each 8-10 meters deep, some 50-60 cm high and of rectangular or quadrangular shaped. There are no artefacts or other clues providing a hint about who the original builders were. But the erosion patterns suggests the site could be many thousands of years old. Possibly it was reused by other cultures too during the known historic period as people of those time honoured the sites of their forefather. Although the site is featured in the "underground cities" category such a classification is still hypothetical and is based purely on its strong visual resemblance with other sites in the category. We are not aware of any digging done in the area that could show if the complex continues underground.

Local Name: Ventanillas de Otuzco
Address: district of BaƱos del Inca , 8 km northwest of the city of Cajamarca
This site belongs to the following categories: Underground
Derinkuyu Style Rock Cut Chambers

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